• we can provide the type ER9.5 / 11 / 14.5 / 25 / 28 / 35 / 42.

    The ER transformers have a good magnetic, low consume, get high function frequency, and high counteract for the obstruction. With low distributed capacitance & high inductance. Low leakages inductance. Customized specifications are welcome.

    • Flyback transformer.
    • Drive transformer.
    • Control transformer.
    • High current inductors.


    • Size of ER Core can chose.

    Reference type of ER transformer
    ER 9,5.5|ER 11/5|ER 14.5/6|ER 18/3/10|ER 23/5/13|ER 25/6/15|ER 25/3/15|ER 28/17/11|ER 32/5/21|ER 42/22/15|ER 46/17/18|ER 54/18/19

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