• General Specification
    Turn-on Time(Full Load @115Vac):2 Sec
    Hoid-up Time(Full Load @115Vac):16mSec
    Safety Ground Leakage Current (Class l Type@230Vac 50Hz):<3.5mA


    Protection Specification:
    Brown-Out Protection:Auto-Recovery
    Over Voltage Protection : Latch Off(150%±30%)>(S0) (145%±25%)>(S1) (140%±20%)>(S2.3.SR.SY) (130%±15%)>(S5.4)
    (135%±20%)>(S6) (130%±20%)>(S7)
    Over Load protection : Hiccup/Auto-Recovery(Overcurrent Range@110%~200%Above Rating Load)


    Environment Specification:
    Operating Temperature:0-50℃
    Storage Temperature:-40 to 85 ℃
    Storage Humidity:5% to 95% RH


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