• This type of design is suitable for the large current of transformer and choke coil for photovoltaic inverter, Power generation, Electrical car charging system or other high current application.


    • Flat wire design.
    • Magnetically shielded.
    • High rated current up to 50A.
    • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +150°C
    • Through hole or SMD type.
    • Optimized for DC / DC converters.
    • Customized designs available upon request.

    Specification for Custom Design

    1. Ferrite Core: Popularly in PQ26 (27/28) & E type
    2. Flat wire: (t) 0.7 - 1mm, (w) 4mm -
    3. Leads in SMD or Through Hole Type.
    4. Inductance: to be customized.
    5. Current: to be customized

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