• Common Mode chokes are used for Noise suppression, generally made for two - three phrases, ideal for EMI filtering of signal and power lines, and endure high AC currents without compromising.

    A wide range of core materials such as Ferrites, Iron Powder, Magnetic Alloy Powder (Kool mu, MPP, high flux and toroidal core size from OD3.5mm to 165mm are available to meet inductance and performance required. Custom design is welcome.

    Core Types
    Iron Powder Toroidal Core

    (1) Core material in type -2, - 18, -14, -19, -26, -30, -34, -35, -40, -45, - 52. (2) Core size available from OD 3.5mm to 165mm.

    Ferrite Core
    (1) Core material in permeability 5000mu, 7000mu, 10000mu, 12000mu, 15000mu. (2) Core size available from OD2.5mm to 38mm.

    Magnetic Powder Cores
    (1) Core material in Kool mu (sendust), MPP, High flux, Mega Flux. (2) Core Permeability in 26, 50, 60, 75, 90, 125, 147, 160, 173, 200mu. (3) Core size available from OD 3.5mm to 77.8mm.


    • Toroidal Core Materials: Iron Powder, Ferrite, Magnetic Alloy Powder
    • Phrases: 2 ~ 4 Phrases / Windings
    • Inductance: To Be Customized.
    • Current: To Be Customized.
    • Placement: Vertical, Horizontal
    • Spacer: PCB Spacer, Cable Tie.
    • Isolation: Core Casing, Coil Base

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