• EMI Choke / Line Filter ideally is use for preventing EMI & noise emission, popularly in standard UU, ET, UT, EE type with ferrite core of high initial permeability from 5000 to 15000mu to meet the application. In addition to standard type, custom design is also welcome.


    • Prevents EMI & RFI Noise emission.
    • Prevents AC side from the effects of switching regulator.
    • Wide range of available inductances and current ratings.


    • Core Type:
    • (1) UU Type: UU9.8, UU10.5, UU15.7
    • (2) ET Type: ET24, ET28
    • (3) UT Type: UT20
    • Ferrite Core: A high initial permeability in 5000mu, 7000mu, 10000mu, 12000mu, 15000mu.
    • Current rated: from 0.3A to 2.5A
    • Inductance to be specified by customer.

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