• we can now provide the type ETD29, ETD34, ETD39, ETD44, ETD49, ETD54 and ETD59 to meet different customer and industry requirements.

    ETD Series feature low loss, high output power, high operating frequency, low temperature and stable performance. It is common use on the Switching power supplies, fax machine, TV/monitor, insulation Transformer, Matching Transformer used SPC exchanges terminal and high precision electronic devices etc. Customized specifications are welcome.

    • Flyback transformer.
    • Drive transformer.
    • Control transformer.
    • High current inductors.


    • Size of ETD Core can chose.

    Reference type of ETD transformer
    ETD 29/16/10|ETD 34/17/11|ETD 39/20/13|ETD 44/22/15|ETD 49/25/16|ETD 54/28/19|ETD 59/31/22

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